The development of market economy in Kazakhstan has identified new priorities of development of production: improving the competitiveness of manufactured products in Kazakhstan; Making the transition from extractive industries to processing; meet the growing needs of the population; establishment of a system of security products consumed.

Therefore there was a need for a new approach to solving the aforementioned problems. Addressing the issues of security and competitiveness of domestic products. Expanding exports of Kazakh products to foreign markets has focused on achieving a high level of product quality, implementation of modern control systems.

Based on the specific political, historical and economic conditions, and recognizing the importance of activity, management of JSC «Kazakh Vodokanalproekt» was decided to implement a quality management system and environmental management system.

The philosophy of JSC «Kazakh Vodokanalproekt» is based on the provision of works and services for the development projects of the highest category of responsibility and complexity.

JSC "Kazakh Vodokanalproekt « aims to achieve sustainable long-term success through consistent balanced to meet the needs and expectations of customers, owners, management and staff, and other stakeholders.

The quality management system is designed for the effective implementation of goals and objectives, the implementation of all activities, continuous quality improvement of all organizational processes.

Certificates for compliance with ST RK ISO 9001: 2009 (quality management), ST RK ISO 14001: 2006 (environment) of an independent body for conformity LLP „QS Azia Sertik“ received in June of 2016.

According to the requirements of ST RK ISO 14001: 2006 »Environmental Management Systems. Requirements with guidance for use «the environmental aspects identified in the administrative building of JSC» Kazakh Vodokanalproekt"and developed measures to minimize the impact on the environment, as well as measures to prevent the occurrence of adverse situation.

According to the requirements of ST RK ISO 9001: 2009 "Quality Management System. Requirements "developed and implemented a framework of internal regulatory documents of different levels on the principle of interdependence, complementarity and non-contradiction.

Managers at all levels JSC «Kazakh Vodokanalproekt» are responsible for compliance with all the requirements set by the management system.

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