In 1957, the Order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR had adopted a decision on formation of the Kazakh branch of the "Soyuzvodokanalproekt” in Alma-Ata to design the systems of off-site water supply, sewerage and associated waterworks for the industrial companies of Kazakhstan and Central Asian Republics.

In 1968, by the Order # 3 as of January 18, 1968 of the USSR State Construction Committee, the Kazakh branch "Soyuzvodokanalproekt” had been transformed into the institute "Kazvodokanalproekt”, incorporated into the union "Soyuzvodokanalniiproekt”.

The Institute had also carried out design works for some of the industrial enterprises of the RSFSR (the Orenburg gas-processing complex, Orsk refinery, Krasnodar chemical plant, and others).

In addition, this Institute had carried out design works and supervision over the construction of off-site water supply and sanitation in the ore-dressing and processing and copper-molybdenum plant «Erdonet» in the Mongolian People’s Republic, the first phase of which was commissioned in 1977.

The water supply and sanitation of all major cities of Kazakhstan and Tajikistan had been implemented under the projects of Kazvodokanalproekt.

The Institute’s team in its production and technical activities had been governed by the directives of the USSR State Construction Committee, Glavpromstroyproekt and the Union Soyuzvodokanalproekt, which were aimed at the implementation of a unified technical policy, improving the quality of design specifications and estimates, improving the technical and economic level of design, the widespread introduction of new advanced technological solutions and the reduction of the cost of construction of water supply and sanitation systems through the design. Much attention in the projects under the development had been paid on the issues of rational utilization of water resources and environmental protection from pollution and emissions of facilities waste.

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June 1, 2013