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Currently, Kazakh Vodokanalproekt JSC has established partner relations with the specialized companies of the neighbouring countries and beyond in the following countries:

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, China, Hungary, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, and Turkey.

Kazakh Vodokanalproekt JSC is a member of the Association "Kazakhstan Su Arnasy”.

Brief Summary of Information of Activities

Association of Enterprises for Water Supply and Wastewater of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Kazakhstan Su Arnasy”

Association «Kazakhstan Su Arnasy» was founded in 2002 as a representative body of 64 enterprises and organizations involved in the provision of water supply and wastewater disposal services. The primary activities of the Association are the development of industry based regulatory framework, solution of organizational issues, improvement of activities, protection of rights and interests of water-supply and drainage companies.

Since 2002, President of the Association is V.V. Syundyukov. The objectives of the Association are to improve the work of water-supply and drainage companies. The primary goal of the Association is to represent and protect the rights and lawful interests of water supply and wastewater disposal enterprises in all state bodies, public and any other organizations in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

The Association accomplishes these objectives through implementing the following activities:

· development of critical areas and development programs of water supply and wastewater disposal companies,

· involvement in creating and updating the legal framework of water and public utilities companies,

· scientific and practical review of the issues of development of water supply and wastewater disposal in the Republic of Kazakhstan,

· assisting in provision of modern water consumption records meters,

· carrying out mediation activities on a contractual basis between water supply and wastewater disposal companies, manufacturers and suppliers, financial institutions and investors of the Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS and foreign countries for the construction and reconstruction of networks and facilities,

creation and use of a single information database in the practical work of the members of the Association,

·· establishment of special financial, property and any other funds with the aim to ensure activities of the Association,

· representing common interests of members of the Association at the fairs, auctions, exchange auctions and any other auctions, equipment and technologies exhibitions,

· carrying out seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, business meetings to share experience,

· carrying out publishing activities,

· rendering assistance to the members of the Association in the legal issues, security and advertising.

A specialized journal "Water Resources and Water Use” is published under the auspices of the Association, which is issued once a month. The purpose of this publication is to provide the reader with the most complete, comprehensive information in the fields of water treatment, water supply and wastewater disposal. An emphasis is upon the issues of operation and construction of water supply and wastewater disposal systems, water resources management, environmental protection, best management practices and their application.

Since 2003, the Association of Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal «Kazakhstan Su Arnasy» with the support of the republican government authorities held the International Exhibitions and Conferences of SU ARNASY "Water Management: Reality, Problems and Prospects” once in two years. The modern technologies of water conditioning and purification and sewage water treatment, new materials and equipment for water and sewage utilities are presented at the Exhibitions. The issues related to the reliable water supply of cities, towns and settlements of the republic, quality water supply and wastewater disposal for customers are discussed at the Conferences.

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June 1, 2013