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Kazakh Vodokanalproject JSC (hereinafter referred to as – "Company”) is the only specialized design institute of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the off-site water supply and waste water disposal systems with 100 % of state participation, on whose projects almost all the water supply and waste water disposal systems of large, medium and small cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, partially the southern part of the Ural region of the Russian Federation, Central Asia, and Mongolia, including the systems and facilities of cleaning, disinfecting water and sewage, water intake structures, and etc. have been constructed.
The water supply and wastewater disposal systems of cities, which were built and are under construction according to the projects of Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC, at all times had always been and remain to be the objects of special attention from the government, since they are not only economically and socially important, but also strategically important for the security and independence of the country.

The primary water supply and wastewater disposal facilities built under the Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSО projects during 1957 – 2010.

The most important works implemented by the specialists of Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC over the years of its activities:

• Schemes of industrial centers in major cities of the Central Asian region. Terms of Reference and working drawings for Karaganda -Temirtau district water pipe. The project documentation, including working drawings for all off-site queuing water supply and waste water disposal facilities of Orenburg Gas Refining Complex.

• The thorough project documentation on water supply and sewerage of oil refineries in the cities: Shymkent, Pavlodar, Chardzhou and Orsk.
• The off-site water supply and sewerage facilities for chemical plants in Pavlodar, Alga, Samarkand, Zhambyl, and Almalyk. The same with for Karaganda Metallurgical Complex, Kachar and Boschekul Mining and Concentration Complexes.
• Based on working drawings of Kazakh Vodocanalproject, Kzyl Zharsky hydroelectric complex has been built at Tobol river with the overflow channel for the consumption of 1,440m3/sec. Akzhar and Aschitastin reservoirs have been constructed for water supply of Turgay bauxite mines and Arkalyk town.
• In 1979, the working drawings "Hydro Removals of Hydro Laying of Phosphogypsum” had been developed for a chemical plant in Krasnodar. The use of phosphogypsum for wash-over of dams had been implemented in the USSR for the first time.
• The project documentation, including the working drawings has been designed for external and inter on-site water supply and sewerage for the mining and concentration complex "Erdenet” in the Mongolian People’s Republic and others.
• The project documentation for the construction of a facility "Arrangement of Karachaganak Oil-Gas Condensate Field”, off-site water supply and sewerage has been issued.
• Construction of facilities for External Potable Water Supply of Tashkumyr semiconductor materials plant and a number of other facilities.
• in 2005, the works on development of Feasibility Study "Reconstruction of Water and Sewerage Networks” (I phase — replacing emergency networks), in Almaty, under the task of the Municipal Utility Service "Water Canal” had been implemented.
• In 2006, the working project "Design and Estimate Documentation for Modernization of the Existing Technological Schemes of Waste Treatment Facilities in Almaty” under the task of the Department for Natural Resources and Regulation of Environmental Management in Almaty, had been developed.
• In 2007, the working project "Reconstruction of Water Supply Networks in Almaty (I phase — replacing emergency networks)), including by the method of rehabilitation had been developed.
• In 2008, the working documentation "Water Supply and Sewerage of the Residential Area Sairan” in Almaty, had been developed.

The complex of treatment facilities of water supply, "Medeo”, Almaty.

Reconstruction of water supply and wastewater disposal systems in Kokshetau, 2010.

Aerotanks of waste water treatment plants

Water settling areas of waste water treatment plants in Almaty.

Starting from 90s, due to the lack of volume of works, the Company experienced severe financial difficulties, the fixed assets were physically worn and obsolete, and there was a large outflow of personnel. Based on the results of 2008, the Company had a loss worth $ 7.9 million tenge, there was a large accounts payable, and virtually no young professionals due to low wages, and the remaining experts were in the pre — retirement and pension age.
In early 2009, in order to drive Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC out from a deep financial and organizational crisis, the Company management had been transferred to a new team.
At the time of the arrival of a new team, there was a lack of scope of works, working capital and financial resources to pay salaries, liabilities for taxes, accounts payable, and payment of warranties for the participation in the bids on state procurement in the Company.
V.G. Galiyev was appointed for the position of President of the Company, the former head of Municipal Utility Service "Vodocanal Almaty” — the largest operating enterprise for water supply and wastewater disposal in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Being the director of Municipal Utility Service "Vodocanal Almaty”, V.G. Galiyev with the with the assistance of Akimat of Almaty city, within the shortest period time, led the Municipal Utility Service "Vodocanal Almaty” out of the crisis, having stabilized the work of the enterprise and transformed it from a planned unprofitable organization into an enterprise with a stable financial position. He resolved the issues of cost-effective use of resources and economy of drinking water, and it was noted by country’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev at the meeting in 09.04.2009 in Almaty as a positive experience that deserves to be accepted into service in other regions of the country.
The new management of Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC with the support of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs had carried out a profound work on its financial and organizational rehabilitation. Production and design potential and capacities of the organization had been restored. The Company stopped to work with losses, has become a profitable enterprise implementing serious tasks on technical development and coordination of technical activities, and pursuing a single state technological policy in the sphere of water supply and wastewater disposal of profile enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the work accomplished. According to the results of 2009, the Company already had increased the volume of works performed, a profit was obtained in the amount of
10.5 million tenge, the purchase of new hardware and advanced software had begun.
In 2010, the Company achieved a sustainable financial position; the profit based on the results of the year, was 22.9 million tenge. This allowed to increase the wages for employees of the Company by 30%, to continue to update the technical base and start to attract highly qualified specialists. The Company started to establish relations with the leading design institutions of FSU and beyond. In 2010, Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC participated in the preparation of the state industry-specific program to ensure the population of Kazakhstan with quality drinking water "Ak Bulak” for 2011–2020.

Dynamics of Profits and Losses of the Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC

Dynamics of Expenses and Income of the Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC

Having stabilized the work in the Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC, in November 2011, V.G. Galiyev has been appointed as a Deputy Chairperson of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs.
In accordance with the order dated 07.11.2011, № 139-л, Rustam Maksumovich Valiyev has been appointed as a President of the Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC, having been worked in the company in the position of a Vice-President more than 2 years.
Currently, the company is confidently growing and developing, and successfully carries out design and survey works on the systems of off-site water supply and sewerage of industrial enterprises and cities.
The Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC is an active participant on implementation of the state program "Ak Bulak” for 2011–2020 and ensuring the population of Kazakhstan with quality drinking water, as well as implementation of a mechanism to increase a share of Kazakhstani content.
The Company has all necessary prerequisites for further development in the area of design of water supply and wastewater disposal systems of cities, settlements and industrial centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Company is actively pursuing a plan of action to restore the status of a Chief State Design and Research Institute for the off-site water supply and wastewater disposal systems.

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