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tool to increase a share of Kazakhstani content while implementing programs "Ak Bulak” and "Modernization of the Housing and Public Utilities” for 2011–2020 (from the report of V. Galiyev, President of Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC at the Forum on the issues of the development of Kazakhstani content, "Kazakhstani Content 2011”, which was held on July 04, 2011 in Astana).

According to the instructions of the President of RoK Nursultan Nazarbayev, an increase in the share of Kazakhstani content is not only the task for the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also for all line ministries and departments. As part of these instructions, the Agency of the RoK Agency for Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs, in the person of Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC, and the Ministry of has developed a mechanism to increase the share of Kazakhstani content in the programs of "Ak Bulak” and "Modernization of the Housing and Public Utilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

As a result of the implementation of this mechanism by public investments in social sector programs, private investments will be attracted in the industrial programs to build industrial enterprises, and the state establishes the prerequisites and conditions for support to existing ones and creation of new high-tech competitive enterprises and technologies.

A mechanism will allow without additional state costs to systematically examine and evaluate the market, approve a list of new requiste productions while developing of pre-design (feasibility studies, feasibility studies of investment) and design (design and estimate documentation) works. To monitor its use by customers and contractors during construction the water supply, wastewater disposal facilities and housing and public utilities.

This will allow to stimulate investors and may attract investments in the amount worth more than 1.7 billion US dollars and establish productions on such types of equipment, materials, and technologies as production of pipes, pumps, isolation valve, water and wastewater treatment facilities for water supply and wastewater disposal, and other productions for the housing and public utilities. At the same time, about 5 thousand additional jobs will be created, there will be a reduction in importing to the country, and approximately the amount worth 765 billion tenge will be retained in the RoK in the form of taxes and wages. Also, export potential of our country will be increased, which will bring additional revenues about 243 billion tenge, both for enterprises and the state.

An approach to the application of materials, equipment and technologies put in the mechanism will lead to the streamlined service, repair capability, and ultimately to the reliability of the housing and public utilities facilities.

A proposed scheme of development of Kazakhstani content while implementing the Program "Ak Bulak”:

Centralized development of the Feasibility Study of 56 cities of the RoK taking into account an approved list of the existing and anticipated new production in accordance with the Program "Ak Bulak” for 2011–2013 the (Agency of the RoK for Construction and Housing and Public Utilities), shall ensure: Development and implementation of a single state concept (policy) for the integrated development of water supply and sewerage systems with the minimal capital expenditures, applying the advanced technological solutions of the modern equipment, materials, where it will be required to lay foundation for the integrated and system solutions of such issues as:

• Ensuring of a long-term guaranteed use of the products of domestic enterprises – existing and the new anticipated ones according to the approved List.

•, employment of the population, training and re-training of personnel, opening new enterprises and productions, development of domestic nano- and energy saving technologies, and creation of the competitive environment;

• Administrators of the budget programs shall have to solve the local objectives in the field of water supply and wastewater disposal without prejudice to the prospect development of the infrastructure of the region;

• To rationally utilize the water resources;

• Solution of the issues of the current and future environmental situation in the regions related to the water supply and wastewater disposal;

• To regulate the issues of tariff formation (accounting, fixed assets, losses);

• To set the quality of design works to the proper level;

• To rationally and efficiently solve the objectives set, save considerable funds spent and planned for the repair and reconstruction of the water supply and sewerage systems.

("Ak-Bulak” for 2011–2020 for water supply and wastewater disposal – 1.27 trillion tenge

Modernization of the Housing and Public Utilities for 2011–2020 – 1.09 trillion tenge

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June 1, 2013