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Dear members of the press!

A team of Kazakh Vodokanalproekt is pleased to invite you to a festive event dedicated to the 55th anniversary of its foundation.

The ceremony will take place on November 16 at the House of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan at Almaty, Abylai Khan, 105, from 16.00 to 20.00
Kazakh Vodokanalproekt JSC of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Construction Affairs and Housing and Public Utilities -
is the only state profile institution of Kazakhstan, on whose projects almost all water supply systems of large, medium and small cities in the country, partially facilities of southern area of Ural region of the Russian Federation, Central Asia and Mongolia, including the cleaning and sewage treatment systems and facilities of natural and waste waters, and intakes works have been constructed.

Kazakh Vodokanalproekt JSC is involved in designing off-site engineering water supply and wastewater disposal systems for population places and industrial plants and related waterworks, heating systems, develops projects to upgrade the control systems of solid wastes.

The entity is actively involved in the preparation and development of technical standards (SNiP RoK, model projects, and etc.) and guidelines, including those of design of systems and constructions on water supply and sewerage in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Background information
In 1957, by the order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, it was taken a decision to set in Alma-Ata, the Kazakh branch of the Soyuzvodokanalproekt on design of offsite water supply,
sanitation systems and related hydraulic structures for industry of Kazakhstan and Central Asian republics.
In 1968, by the order of the USSR Gosstroy with # 3 dated 18 January 1968, the Kazakh branch of Soyuzvodokanalproekt is transformed into the Design Institute "Kazvodokanalproekt”, incorporated into the association "Soyuzvodokanalniiproekt”.

The Institute also performed design and exploration works for some industrial enterprises of Russia (Orenburg Gas Processing Plant, Orsk Refinery, Krasnodar Chemical Plant and others).
Additionally, the Institute was involved in the design and supervision for the construction of offsite water supply and sewerage systems for Ore Mining and Processing of Copper and Molybdenum Plant "Erdonet” in the Mongolian People’s Republic, the first phase of which was commissioned in 1977.

Water supply and sanitation of all major cities in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan have been implemented under the projects of Kazvodokanalproekt.


During the Party, guests will make a journey through time — from 1957 to the present day. Atmosphere of those years will created by the theater group. In addition, the program includes: honoring veterans, rewarding employees of the enterprise, concert and gala reception!

The event will be attended by the management of the Institute, representatives of the Agency for Construction and Housing Affairs and Housing and Public Utilities, representatives of the governmental structures, ant etc.

It is expected to allocate time to communicate with the press, from 16.00 to 16.40.

The event does not require accreditation.

For more information, please contract:

PR Manager Natalia PANOVA

Mob: + 7 701 398 02 02


Kazakh Vodokanalproekt JSC (hereinafter referred to as — "Company”), being the subordinate enterprise of the Republic of Kazakhstan Agency for Construction, Housing and Public Utilities Affairs, within the framework of Ak Bulak Program and modernization of housing and communal services of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011–2020 (hereinafter referred to as – "Programs”) will organize a communication platform for domestic and foreign enterprises, manufacturing equipment and materials for the water supply, wastewater disposal and heating industry.

To provide a methodological and technical assistance to the project organizations in the preparation of documentation for the projects while implementing the Programs, the Company plans to create a Register of materials, equipment and their manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as – "Register”).

As part of the work performed, two times a month in accordance with the developed schedule, it is expected to hold meetings that will provide a unique opportunity for the enterprises to present the materials and equipment produced, which meet modern requirements, have a high added value, comply with the criteria of energy efficiency, reliability and maintainability, and ensure economic efficiency of performance of systems for the entire period of operation.

The presentation will take place in the circle of professional representatives of water canal, operating entities, and other interested parties.

The result of this work will be to develop joint recommendations and decisions on the use of products at the facilities within the framework of Programs implemented, including on-site equipment operation.

A key feature of the presentations to be conducted is to select companies for subsequent inclusion in the Register, as well as the inclusion of solutions developed in a scientific and technical documentation, including the Collections of Prices.

All interested companies willing to be actively involved in the implementation of the Program, as well as aiming at expanding their business in Kazakhstan are invited to participate in the communication platform.

For more information, please contact Astana at the phone: 742750 or by e-mail:;

Contact persons: Svetlana AKHMETBEKOVA, Dmitry CHAIKA.

As part of the named event, on November the 6th this year, at 10–00am, a meeting will be held in Astana at the address: 29 Syganak street, 18th floor, which will cover the following topics: «Reducing peak load in the urban water supply system ”, the speaker: Ergonomics NPF LLP and „Optimal solutions for gravity drainage”, the speaker: Bekem Plast LLP.

The key participants of the meeting will be operating entities, domestic manufacturers of similar products, customers and other stakeholders.

A schedule of presentations for 2012 (36 KB)


Concerning some issues of Kazakh Vodocanalproject Joint Stock Company

In accordance with Article 60 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated may 13, 2003 “On Joint Stock Companies”, Subsection 6) of Section 36 of the Articles of Incorporation of Kazakh Vodocanalproject Joint Stock Company, approved by the order of the Committee for State Property and Privatization of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 8, 2008 № 285, as well as on the basis of the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 1, 2011 № 1271 »Concerning V.G. Galiyev”:

1. Powers of V.G. Galiyev, a member of the Board of Directors, President of Kazakh Vodocanalproject Joint Stock Company are early terminated.

2. Rustam Maksumovich Valiyev has been elected a member of the Board of Directors, President of the Company as of November 7, 2011.

From the Order dated 07.11.2011, № 139-l.


01.11.11 Prime-Minister appointed Deputy Chairperson of the Agency for Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs

Today Karim Massimov, Prime-Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan appointed Vladislav Galiyev as Deputy Chairperson of the Agency for Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs.

"Appointed Vladislav Germanovich Galiyev as Deputy Chairperson of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs”, Karim Massimov wrote in Twitter.

Earlier, Vladislav Galiyev was in charge of Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC, Almaty city.


Republican Meeting

On October 28–29, 2011, the Republican Meeting on Presentation of Technical and Technological Solutions within the framework of development of investment substantiation of water supply and wastewater disposal systems in 56 cities of Republic of Kazakhstan was held in Almaty.

An organizer of the meeting was the Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs.

Participants of the meeting:

· Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs, A responsible secretary – Dembai Salauat Makhanbetuly.

· Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs, Director for the Department of Scientific and Technical Policy and Rate Setting – Dastan Aitzhanovich Khamzin.

· Republican State Enterprise "State Non-Departmental Assessment of Projects” of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs, First Deputy of the General Director — Ulan Dautaliyevich Kuralbaev.

· Association of Enterprises on Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Kazakhstan Su Arnasy”, President of the Association – Valeriy Vladimirovich Syundyukov.

· Republican State Enterprise "KazNIISSA”, General Director – Melik Narmukhanbetovich Alpysbayev.

· Heads of the General Directorate "Office of Energy and Utilities” of cities and regions.

· Managers of Water Canals of cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

· Members of the scientific and research council under the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs at Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC.

· Companies: Acquaecologiya Company ALC, a Group of Companies "Ecopolymer” (Russian Federation), Ecos Company CJSC (Russian Federation), "ECO – CONSULTING” (Poland), Metropol – Engineering” (Russian Federation), Privatagroservice (Ukraine), Local Engineering Systems LLP (Russian Federation), AK Samgau LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan), Munai-Ecologiya Company LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan), BELECPOL RB (Republic of Belarus), Eco-Treatment Systems LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan), ASU TP Vodocanalov, Zengir Company LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan), Agripaip Asia LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan), Taza-Su LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan), "NURSU PLUS” LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan), Ionnoobmenniy Technologii CJSC, (Russian Federation), TECHO –FILTER LLP (Russian Federation), Membranniy Technologii S.A. LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan), Zengir Company LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan), NPF "KRUG” LLP (Russian Federation), KazPromPribor LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan), ADAM GeoStroyProject LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan), SYSTEMOTECHNIKA LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan), and Ecologica LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan).


No Company Full name of speakers Topic Cities
Waste Water Treatment Plants
1 EcoTON NPF CJSC (RF) Segey Vasilyevich Lunin Technological Solutions on Modernization of Sewage Treatment Facilities in Almaty Almaty
2 Acquaecologiya ALC (Republic of Belarus) Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Plabskiy Sewerage and Waste Water Treatment Plants General Presentation
3 Ecos Company CJSC (RF) Michael Genadiyevich Zubov Technological Solutions of Sewage Treatment Facilities General Presentation
4 ECOLINE LLP (RF) Alexey Vladimirovich Gorev Equipment for Purification and Pumping of Waste Water Solutions on Modernization of Waste Water Pumping System: Shu, Zharkent, Kapchagay, Kaskelen, Saran. Solutions on Modernization, Construction of purification systems Of waste water: Talgar, Zharkent, Esik, Shardara, Kandyagash, and Aralsk.
5 Metropol — Engineering Company Boris Alexandrovich Zaitsev Establishment of Sewage Treatment Facilities under the Combi USBF technology for the public utilities and industrial enterprises Astana, Semey
6 Local Engineering Networks LLP (RF) Ilya Sergyevich Lee Purification of waste water. Cavitation and fermentation of Sewage Treatment Facilities. General Presentation
7 BELECPOL Belarus Republic Ivan Leonidovich Rakevich Design, construction and commissioning of pumping stations and treatment plants for treatment of industrial and urban waste water. General Presentation
8 Munai-Ecologiya Company LLP Aizhan Yesilbayeva and Andrey Knyazev Improvement of the environmental situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan through the implementation of modern safe ecological materials and innovation energy-saving technologies. The policy of zero emissions. General Presentation
9 Zengir Company LLP Beibut Erkenovich Sultanbayev Membrane bioreactor technology treatment AQUAPORE MBR for treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater. Astana, Almaty
10 Taza-Su LLP Ravil Karmelovich Tokhtibakiyev Treatment of drinking and waste water based on tsiolit. General Presentation
11 A group of companies "Ecopolymer” Yuriy Alexandrovich Demkin Sewage treatment technologies on the sample of sewage treatment facilities of Taldykorgan. Taldykorgan
12 Ecologica LLP Eugene Dmitriyevich Palagin Biological wastewater treatment at the plants of EKOLOS GC production. General Presentation
13 Privatagroservice Company PE Anatoly Nikolayevich Pokotylo Bioengineering treatment plants Ushtobe, Karatau, Atbassar.
14 Eco-Treatment Systems LLP Adopted without speech Sewage treatment plants in the Republic of Kazakhstan. General Presentation
15 345 Mechanical Plant (RESETYLOVS un CO) Adopted without speech Wastewater treatment plants for the biological treatment of domestic sewage in a block-modular performance. General Presentation
16 Pöyry Finland Oy Adopted without speech Technological solutions for waste water treatment to improve the efficiency of removal of biogenic elements and increase. General Presentation
17 Technosphera CJSC Adopted without speech Sewage pumping stations. General Presentation
Water Treatment Plants
18 Aquaecologiya ALC (Belarus Republic) Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Plaskiy Integrated solutions in the area of water supply and wastewater disposal. General Presentation
19 KazNTU after K.I. Satpayev Zhuzbai Kassymbekov Innovation developments in the sphere of water supply and wastewater disposal. General Presentation
20 Ionnoobmenniye Technologii CJSC Sergey Vladimirovich Chernov Advanced technologies of water treatment and wastewater treatment. Temirtau, Kulsary, Aktau, Ridder, Astana, Kostanay, Karaganda, Pavlodar and Uralsk.
21 TECO-FILTER LLP Roman Mikhailovich Baryshnikov Highly efficient water purification equipment. General Presentation
22 Membranniye Technologii LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan) Alexander Alekseyevich Tshai Water treatment plants Aksu, Ekibastuz, Karaganda, Zhekazghan, Balkhash, Kapchagay, Zharkent, and Arys.
23 Zengir Company LLP Beibut Erkenovich Sultanbayev Membrane ultrafiltration technology AQUAPORE-UF for drinking water purification. General Presentation
24 ADAM GeoStroyPrject LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan) Andrew Fedorovich Shpigun Water treatment and wastewater treatment plants. Astana
25 Agripaip Asia LLP Tamash Bakosh Technologies AQUINNO. Typical examples of application of European solutions at the Kazakhstani drinking and waste water treatment plants. General Presentation
26 NURSU PLUS LLP Shagrap Gazizovich Kussainov Technology for desalination of surface water in Kyzylorda. Kyzylorda
27 Ecologiyany Tazartau LLP (DiArClass Company OJSC) Victor Nikolayevich Aspatsaturov Water treatment systems (water treatment) and supply subscribers with the drinking water. The cleaning systems and advanced treatment of municipal mixed wastewater up to DKVV during the discharge of water into the reservoirs of fishery purpose. Ust-Kamenogorsk, Pavlodar, Semey, Kulsary, Zyryanovsk, Zhezkasghan, Aksu, Atyrau, Aktau, Temirtau, Ekibastuz, and Ayagoz.
28 Domestic Water Technologies Company
Production of wastewater treatment plants, iron removal and demanganation of water. General Presentation
29 Eicos LLP Adopted without speech Equipment for cleaning, disinfection and desalting of natural water and wastewater in the Republic of Kazakhstan. General Presentation
30 ECONET OY and ONNINEN (Finland) Adopted without speech Modernization and construction of water supply and wastewater disposal facilities. Karaganda, Tekeli, Arkalyk, Pavodar (Specific solutions have been developed).
Automatic Process Control System
31 Krug NPF LLP Alexander Ivanovich Proshin Integrated automation of water channels General Presentation
32 KazPromPribor LLP Ravil Idiyatulin Automatic process control system in the water-, heat supply and wastewater disposal. General Presentation
33 SYSTEMATECHNIQUE A LLP Petr Petrovich Korshunov Automatic process control system of water preparation and water purification. General Presentation
34 Eco-Treatment Systems LLP Adopted without speech The concept of construction of the automated system of water supply and wastewater disposal. General Presentation

The materials of the meeting for representatives of Akimat, regional and municipal departments of the housing and public utilities, water channels of the Republic of Kazakhstan may be requested at the telephone: (7272) 276 26 83.

In 2012, the Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC will celebrate its 55 anniversary!

The Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC will celebrate its 55 anniversary in 2012!

The jubilee dates accompanying the life of people and companies have a special place in the programs of recognition, because namely these dates are most clearly characterize such important parameters of activities, as the experience, maturity and authority — that give people the recognition and respect.


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