Scientific and Technology Policy in the field of Project Development

Implementation of a single state scientific and technology policy in the field of water supply and waste water disposal systems.

For a purpose of development of proposals on implementation of the Program "Ak-Bulak” for 2010–2020, approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 9, 2010 #1176, there was issued an order of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs dated 22.12.2010 #564, signed by S. Nokin, concerning the establishment of the Scientific and Technological Council – Consulting and Advisory Body for review and preparation of proposals on modernization and development of the water supply systems of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC under the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs.

The Scientific and Technological Council at the Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC (hereinafter – Council) is a standing consulting and advisory body the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs (hereinafter –the Agency) to review and prepare proposals for modernization and development of water supply and wastewater disposal systems of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Council in its activities is governed by the orders and instructions of the Agency, legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the Regulation.

The working groups, consisting of the managers/specialists of the leading design and scientific organizations, expert organizations, construction companies specialized in this industry, technical managers of large water supply and waste water disposal enterprises, and scientists engaged in the scientific and research works on the appropriate directions, may be established at the Council upon a decision of the Councils’ Chairperson.

Primary objectives of the Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC on the issues of coordination and agreement of works of different organizations involved in the comprehensive development programs of the projects are:

· Attracting regional companies as subcontractors for the works performed by the Kazakh Vodocanalproject JSC with the aim to support, develop and coordinate their primary technological solutions on the design works.

· Improving an unified industry regulatory framework and creating a single national archive of the design documentation of branch-wise infrastructure projects for water supply and wastewater disposal.

· Reviewing pre-design and design solutions with the aim to pass the procedures for coordination and develop recommendations on the utilization of the advanced technologies, materials and equipment to ensure an integrity of development of branch-wise infrastructure systems, increase the reliability of technological solutions with minimum capital costs.

· Participating in the review and formation of a list of enterprises and productions, whose product may be recommended in a coordinated manner in the construction and reconstruction of the branch-wise systems of technical infrastructure.

· Identifying priority and prospect directions of development of technological policy promoting efficiency of innovation activities in the industry..

· Practical implementation of the program to enhance the Kazakhstani content of the projects of construction, reconstruction and modernization of waster supply and wastewater disposal systems through attracting foreign investments to Kazakhstan for the construction of modern enterprises issuing materials and equipments.

· Rendering consulting services in the field of engineering and development of technical infrastructure.

· Assisting in identification, evaluation, implementation and dissemination of the best practices and the most efficient technologies existing in Kazakhstan and overseas.

· A centralized training and retraining of the technical specialists of the industry.

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June 1, 2013